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Y’all. Frandú.

Y'all. Frandú. I first met Frandú at the Tip Top open mic about a year and a half ago while visiting Madison. He's a little ball of bright-hot energy bouncing around between the sky and the earth at the speed of light, a powerful presence in a small package that one can't quite seem to hold onto, as he hops from leg to nimble leg with the grace of a dancer. His attention feels both intensely focused and pushing outward, attaching to the trees, flowers, passersby. He, himself, seems bigger than life. His fluffy white beard seems bigger than the rest of him ...
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Whashappenin, 2017

2017 is at last upon us, and SNR is already in full swing. Our 2017 releases are slated to begin in February, and include the considerable talents of Andrew C. , Chloe Louise, Frandu Smith, The Werewolverine, Nate Meng & The Stolen Sea, and All Other Names. We're still getting all our legal ducks in a row and adding new gear to the studio, but recording is well underway. Andrew C. and Chloe have spent some significant time with Ryan and Nate working on their upcoming albums, and the All Other Names album is finished being recorded. I think, when you cut ...
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Merry Holidays

Whether tears of holiday joy are freezing to your cheeks up in Madison, or you're having a Wet Christmas like I am out here in lala, we wish you all the love and warmth in the world. May your days be merry and musical, and may 2017 not be as much of a hot mess as this poor, broken 2016 was. We have so many auditory treats to share with you in the coming year, and so many wonderful artists we're excited to introduce and support. Please sign up for our monthly newsletter and / or subscribe to the blog to stay ...
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