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“A quick note about Andrew Christensen and my own place in the Universe”

Placing a hard start date on Sunday Night Records would be an oversimplification. What I mean is, there are innumerable events in my life that seem now like clandestine markers on the way to this moment in time. Ok, that’s a little heady.  I really don’t talk like that in real life; I mean, I talk very excitedly about everything that’s happening, but I tend to spend a lot of time searching for the words. The benefit of writing this down is the time to process these feelings. Also there’s an added benefit that I won’t start crying or something while I ...
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A Letter to Andrew from Ryan

Andrew Christensen has been living and working in Bangor, Maine the last few months. He is returning January 5th for the release of his debut album, "Tomorrow I'm Gone", at the North Street Cabaret in Madison.. Below is a letter SNR's quarterback Ryan Lansing wrote to Andrew this summer, while he was finishing up the mixing of Andrew's album. Dear Andrew; Things continue much the same here in Madison, but they aren't really the same without you. Music is being made. Good music. Great music. Things are coming together for us. I'm so excited for you to hear what we've ...
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Y’all. Frandú.

Y'all. Frandú. I first met Frandú at the Tip Top open mic about a year and a half ago while visiting Madison. He's a little ball of bright-hot energy bouncing around between the sky and the earth at the speed of light, a powerful presence in a small package that one can't quite seem to hold onto, as he hops from leg to nimble leg with the grace of a dancer. His attention feels both intensely focused and pushing outward, attaching to the trees, flowers, passersby. He, himself, seems bigger than life. His fluffy white beard seems bigger than the rest of him ...
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