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Andrew Christensen

Andrew Christensen grew up in a dense cloud of music in Madison, WI. As a young lad, he recalls hootin’ and tootin’ on an old harmonica, dancing on the couch to his father’s boogie-woogie piano playing, and his mothers record collection (Elvis and Bob Marley being two early favorites), dreaming of the day when he would take the stage himself.

Starting out on the drums, Andrew began playing reggae and jazz at bars and parties, collecting records and reading endlessly about music history. After a particularly angsty year of heartbreak, he walked down to Greg Ginter’s with his last couple of bucks and came home with Wanda, the guitar that would change history. Fingerpicking blues, honky-tonk country, Appalachian banjo frailing and jug band music are his current obsessions. He also showers regularly.

Andrew Christensen’s debut album “Tomorrow I’m Gone” was released January 5th, 2018.  You can stream, download, and order your copy here.

Chloe Louise


Chloe Louise decided that singing was what she wanted to be doing around the age of two, when Julie Andrews taught her you could sing in public and she figured out costumes could be made out of curtains.

Years later, after receiving her first tape player, along with a combination of Elvis, the Grease soundtrack, and TLC tapes (thanks, Mom), she realized that you could not only sing songs, but also make up your own words. At the arrival of her first guitar in her early teens, Chloe has dedicated her life to writing music that maintains the perfect balance of sparkle and wit.

Her influences include everything from Shania Twain to Drake. Singing in her shower solidly remains one of her number one hobbies.

Her debut album “Hard to Tell” will be released in the spring of 2018.

Xander Anim

photo – James Fitzgerald

Xander Anim is not who you think he is.

His influences are Metallica and the unceasing rhythm of the moon and stars.

Listen to “Only when the rain comes” on Soundcloud.

All Other Names

Two best friends, two faraway lands, and one thousand special guest musicians making magic, music, and movies.

AON is:

Nate Meng

Jess Estes


  • Allison Lenz
  • John Hitchcock
  • Hannah Edlén
  • Tabor Heiking
  • Lauren Johnson
  • Carlos Guzman

All Other Names will be releasing their first album Summer 2018.

Hannah Edlén

Hannah Edlén is a classically trained clarinetist and percussionist who creates auditory and physical manifestations of your dreams.  She is currently working on her first solo record to be released in the fall of 2018.

Hannah is a member of the band FIRMISH SKIRMISH.

Find them here.


Spoken word / Poet

This is Frandú.


Get the record: Rainbows from Tragedies on BandcampClick here for Bascom Brothers Entertainment short documentary about Frandú..

Nate Meng & the Stolen Sea

Four sailors lost on a Stolen Sea
Find strength in collective energy
a sound, undefined
at times, unrefined
To be understood must be seen.
They are a band.
They are individuals.
They are love and anger.
They are the thrill of a chaotic universe.
Their songs are about us.

(art by Carli Ihde)

Nate Meng on Bandcamp

Get the Album: The Gracious Captain and the Lady Stacey, a story in six parts

Listen to Nate Meng & The Stolen Sea tracks on:

The Werewolverine

The Werewolverine sounds like the love child of Beat Happening, Waylon Jennings, and an owl lifting a mouse from freshly fallen snow.

Listen to and purchase The Werewolverine tracks on Bandcamp.

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