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Somewhere along the line this ragtag group of heartbreak kids learned pop sensibility like the rest of us learned common sense.  Of course, that’s only scratching the surface of the history they share and the music they make, both of which are far from common, as well as the wider net of influence that converged and collaborated to bring them to this moment together.

Indeed musically, no stone is left un-turned, and to match this coordinated movement of reckless abandon we are so swiftly pulled into the intimacy of Louise’s deeply personal lyrics, bold and unforgiving in their honesty, that it becomes easy to forget we’re not just two friends catching up on the emotional ups and downs of hearts permanently sewn onto sleeves.

It’s music for travelers, survivors, hope-full romantics, failures, achievers, doubters, and believers. It’s for the heartbreak club.  And it’s for you.

The HeartBreak Club is:
Chloe Louise (Vocals, Guitar, Programming), Lawrence Gann (Drums, Percussion), Grant Charles (Guitars), Will Linden (Bass, Percussion, Programming)



The HeartBreak Club EP
(Digital Release)
May 18, 2023

Without a Warning (Digital Single)

Send Him To Texas (Digital Single)

Hard To Tell (CD and Digital Full Length)


(all previous releases available on all major streaming services)


Triple M Competition -2018

Madison Area Music Award

(list in progress)

upcoming shows/
other projects

These four creators always have fires burning.  Check back here for the latest and the greatest, the newest of the new news.



Chloe Louise and The HeartBreak Club
w/Nate Meng and The Stolen Sea
-The Bur Oak
-Madison, WI
-May 10, 2023

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